Brightest Outdoor LED Flood Lights

When it comes to enhancing brightness and visibility in darkness, brightest outdoor LED flood lights are among the best available options, having the capacity to brighten such places as parking lots, buildings, walkways, and signage, while also boosting  their security levels.

With best outdoor flood lights, it is always a win-win for everybody that is involved: kids who are in college can walk freely and safely around campus at night; outdoor warehouses can continue the smooth running of their operations; security personnel can identify incoming vehicles better; and employees will not have to worry about walking up to where their cars are parked at night.

Our brightest LED flood lights all emit a brilliant quality light that is shadow- and glare-free. With our floodlights, you will not need to worry about fading of light as you move farther from the source; the beams are always in uniform and do not carry any hot or dark spots. More, they can last for an estimated time of more than 100,000 hours, without needing maintenance. Each fixture has undergone third party testing for quality before they can feature on our website. Yet, in order to assure your peace of mind, we offer a 5-year warranty with each of our product.

You most definitely will find the right choice for your next outside project from our wide variety of models, from premium to bullet and compact to shoebox-style brightest flood light, all with a range of wide to narrow patterns of distribution.

However, if you have doubts, you can call our lighting experts at 1- 800-398-5416; they sure will assist you to select the best outdoor flood light bulbs and also offer free counsel on installations and layouts. Buy today and tell us how we can assist you.

Best Outdoor Flood Lights

Our brightest outdoor LED flood lights are quite valuable in 24/7 operation situations like warehouses. If one fixture fails and there is a need for your customer to re-lamp, normally, every activity will come to a total stop. This will definitely waste valuable time and money. However, with our fixtures that are third party certified, you sure will not have any need to worry about re-lamping any more, at least not for a minimum of 100 000 hours. More, brighter lights will also give security officers a better advantage to monitor traffic and identify license plates or other ID types, ultimately keeping everybody safer on all rounds and more efficient too.

Many other establishments can also benefit a lot from our variety of high quality and tested brightest LED flood lights. Establishments like retail stores, hospitals, and many others where there is a constant need for clear and consistent lights both outdoor and in corridors especially for cases of emergencies and for better comfort too. After all, properly lit parking lots, corridors, and general environment might be all it takes for your establishment to make the difference for customers.

It goes without saying too that floodlights are very apt for brightening displays and signs, if your clients do not see your establishment’s signs, then there is no need to brighten up your parking lot, because clients won’t find your store in the first place. Thus, you need best outdoor flood light bulbs for your advert signs and displays too as it can lead to an upsurge in your sales amount.

Residential areas aren’t also left out as clients may want to cast some light on their flowers or trees; what best equipment to do the job than floodlights. Additionally, our available range of fixtures are suitable for wet locations, making it possible to endure both sprinkler systems and natural rain without damages. We offer a wide range of lumens and our brightest outdoor LED flood lights are 400k and 5000k to suit your specific needs.

brightest outdoor led flood lights

How to Install Flood Light with These Tips?

As with any product, you should have an understanding of the installation process before making a final decision. When you purchase your best led flood light bulbs from a leading provider of quality LED lighting, the installation procedure will be straightforward, with clear instructions.

Take a close look at the floodlight fixtures first, so you understand how to set up and install your flood lights. Follow the instructions for your specific fixture, and use these tips to make the job easier.

1Know precisely where you are going to install your lights so you you’ll get the best service from your investment. For example, LED flood lights are more effective when placed higher and near the corners of your buildings. This will help you avoid poor quality lighting.
1Once you’ve chosen your best locations, be sure the electrical wiring is available, and place new wiring so you perform the least amount of work for the final result.
3Of course, you must disconnect the power at the main switch before you start working on wiring of any type.
4You should always begin by finding the outlet nearest the fixture location. Remove the outlet cover and attach the wires. This should be quite simple – matching black wire with black wire, white wire with white wire. If the existing wires aren’t these standard colors, make sure you read the instructions carefully. Of course, if the new light comes with a plug, you just have to plug it in.
5Now it’s time for the test. Once you’ve plugged in the new light, or connected the wiring carefully, you can turn the main power on to make sure your new fixture works as it should. You can also make sure the light is in the right position to give you the illumination you need.
6You may need a specific drill bit if you’re attaching the new lamp to a brick or masonry wall. Measure carefully to avoid unnecessary holes in your wall. Use the proper anchors and screws to securely mount the fixture.

Each fixture type will be different, so it’s essential to follow the directions for the specific lighting product. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from an experienced electrician or handyman who understands the best way to install flood lights.

5 Questions Frequently Asked About Best Outdoor LED Flood Lights

1. What Are the Advantages of LED Flood Lights?

To put this in the most basic terms, there are distinct advantages to installing and using brightest outdoor LED flood lights. As you may have already heard or read, this lighting technology using 80% or 90% less energy than traditional lights, producing the same comfortable illumination while using less power. LED lights help you reduce energy costs. In addition, the beam of light will generally cover a wider area, making this option even better.

Because LED lights are so efficient and handle the small amount of heat produced, they last a very long time, compared to the lights you’ve been using. These fixtures could give you 20 years of service even if you use them 10 hours a day. Leave them on around the clock and the lifespan should still be much longer than your classic bulbs. You get this long service, along with weather-proof construction and outstanding warranties (five years, even 10 years).

2. LED as Bright as Halogen?

The simple answer is: Yes. Brightness of any fixture is measured in lumens. LED technology provides the lumens you need and have that great advantage of using less energy than halogen bulbs.

3. Is it Possible to Dim LED Lights?

In general, it is possible to dim LED light but only if the fixture is designed to be dimmable.

4. How Do Best Outdoor LED Flood Lights Work?

This technology uses light emitting diodes (LED) to produce light, as opposed to the heated metal and gases used in other lights. They are semi-conductors that pass an electrical current between 2 metal pads, but produce much less heat with the same amount of light. LED fixtures use less energy to produce the same amount of light and generate much less heat. They last longer because they stay cooler during operation.

5. LED Light Flashing?

A fluctuation in voltage can cause an LED fixture to flicker. This fluctuation could happen for many reasons. Occasionally, a light my dim or flicker when another appliance turns on (washing machine, refrigerator). If there is a loose connection between bulb and fixture, or in the wiring, you may also experience fluctuations in the light level.

5 Tips for Buying and Using Brightest LED Flood Lights

Because you’ve shown interest in getting the brightest flood light, we offer great tips on 10 high quality lights. You’ll get the information you need to make a smart choice.

  1. The Power You Need

Because you can select from a wide range of power (measured in watts) when buying 1000 watt led floodlight or lower, you should take some time to figure out what you need. Start by narrowing down the list of places you’ll be using your new lights.

For example, if you need to illuminate an outdoor area for a gathering of friends and family, or a holiday BBQ, you’ll be best served by 100-watt flood lights – if you were using traditional incandescent bulbs.

Because you’re going to use the more-efficient LED lighting, you’ll need to understand the LED equivalent of 100 watts. As general rule, you’ll require 5,000 lumens to properly light 50 square meters. With LED fixtures, you’ll be able to install a 40-watt light to get the same amount of comfortable light.

The reason for this is LED products produce about 130 lumens per watt, making them a better choice for power consumption. In a workshop area, such as in your garage, you can use several 40-watt LED lamps to give you the same illumination as you’d get from a single, 200-watt light. Doing this gives you better balance in crucial work areas.

  1. Use Less Energy and Save

If you’ve been waiting to replace your current fixtures with LED lights because you weren’t sure you’d save money on energy costs, wait no longer. Consider this: A 20-watt LED fixture will deliver the same level of illumination as a 100-watt halogen lamp, which means you’ll get the same number of lumens (usable light) while paying for 80% less energy.

Because LED technology gives you more lumens per watt, the lighting method is more efficient. It stands to reason that if you get less illumination for each watt of power used, the cost will be higher.

  1. Long-lasting Fixtures

One of the outstanding benefits of LED technology comes with the increased life of the fixtures. You can depend on light-emitting diode (LED) lights to deliver 50,000, 60,000, even 80,000 hours or more – five times the lifespan of classic bulbs.

This is your best option, for obvious reasons, even with the cost of buying and installing new flood light fixtures. The savings can be even more significant for companies replacing lights on a large scale. For example, if the business uses the fixtures 10 hours each day, the lights can provide outstanding service for more than 20 years! Compare this to traditional lighting that may give you a few months of service when used every day.

  1. LED = Waterproof

You’ll soon find that your new fixtures are perfect for outdoor applications, since they will work in some of the most demanding weather conditions, such as rain and snow. Talk with your lighting expert about this benefit.

  1. Handling the Heat

Because LED technology is so efficient, you’ll also discover the fixtures produce much less heat than traditional lighting methods. Incandescent and fluorescent produce bright light but at a cost – this also puts out a lot of heat. Not only are you paying for the energy to produce this heat, the temperature near the lights is also higher.

New LED fixtures have an effective system for handling heat, dissipating the small amount of heat very efficiently. They’re safer because of this feature, and also cost less for the same amount of light. LED lights use 80% or more of electrical energy to produce usable illumination.