Axis LED Group presents the best quality LED lights in United States. Axis LED Group is one of the leading and best quality LED lights manufacturer in USA. The company is serving over a decade and providing LED lights to Government and corporate sectors all over the United States. We recently introduced E-Store (shopLEDligths.com) to order online.

What we really do?


Patriot LED is one of the fastest growing brand offering an extensive range of top quality LED lighting solutions at affordable prices.  LED lights have so quickly become popular as a preferred lighting solution, largely for its long lasting characteristics and its affordable nature that has endeared it as top choice for everyday application. We are industry leaders in the provision of top quality LED lights to meet any demand.

We are a true definition of top class fittings, with our quality inspired LED chips and incredible driver technology encapsulated into a number of well structured aluminum body having the ability to illuminate as much as 145 lumens per watt. Our products offer up to 50,000 hours of saved cost, eco-friendly solution that’s DLC listed and UL that’s rated at 0.1% failure rate…. Now that’s how to define incredibility.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, yet encompassing. We look forward to become a global force in the production of top quality LED lighting solutions to our numerous customers around the world at uniform prices, to create maximum satisfaction in all our products purchased by clients. As part of our mission, we also intend to preserve the ecosystem and make the world better, with our environmental friendly products, here at ShopLEDLights.com. We have rolled out a number of policies to ensure that we offer the best solutions suitable to preserve the environment.

BAA Compliant

Patriot LED offers the best way to directly buy LED lighting fixtures. With a number of top of the industry partnerships and the strategic planning on our ranks, we have created an unbeatable segment of manufacturing and pricing possibilities. Patriot LED’s BAA/TAA Compliant product lines are the best LED light offering at the best industry price. BAA/TAA/ARRA compliant, DLC listed, and UL rated products, put together right here in the United States. With an incomparable discount and the best partnership terms, you’ll realize that no other partnership provides as much return on investment.

Mission & Corporate Values

We have a mission to provide access of our customers by offering them a range of high quality LED products at very affordable prices while giving them opportunity to have the best experience in selection, purchase, delivery and customer service. We are dedicated to giving customers value for every money the spend to buy any of our LED products.

Our Promise

Shopping for replacement lighting at ShopLEDlights.com has its advantages. We’re committed to making the entire process both faster and easier and at the right price. That’s why we offer a wide selection of products, helpful customer service, low-cost shipping and more.

5 Reasons For You To Buy From Our Store

Patriot LED has proven its worth as an industry top lighting solution, combination innovation and experience to produce the most energy efficient lights. Patriot LED is partnering with energy efficiency specialists to design, develop and distribute Premium quality LED lights at very affordable cost. All products are properly researched to ensure that they are produced in the best quality possible.

Our presence across different regions here, you are assured to get your order delivered to your doorstep in record time. During purchase, we also offer you the option if express delivery at a price that’s reasonable.

Our main aim at ShopLEDlights.com is to provide high quality lights to satisfy our customers around the world. During delivery, we ensure that we offer best quality lighting items to meet customer specifications. This policy will make customers happy enough to spread the good news about our top quality lightings with words of mouth.

When you reorder the wrong item, or feel that the quality of delivery does not match your specification, you can return the LED products within 7 days and we’ll have it replaced to the correct specification.

Our team of dedicated customer service agents are always available to support you through the process of navigating our website and using any if our products. Contact us through any of our dedicated lines today and our team will get in touch with you shortly.